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 In her decrepit drafty studio in a former carpet mill factory, Deborah Holcombe has been exploring the boundaries of still life painting. The focus of this recent work is on the distortion of objects due to the refraction of light through glass. Through her work she enjoys sharing a unique vision of common items in a way that will heighten the observers' experience of everyday things.

Diagnostic ultrasound is another passion and Holcombe is experienced in abdomen, vascular and obstetrical applications of this modality. She has also taught ultrasound and is presently practicing in veterinary medicine, applying this skill to cats, dogs, snakes ferrets and the occasional alligator! It is an interesting parallel to note that this diagnostic tool uses the reflection and refraction of sound echoes to see into a living body.

Holcombe is nearsighted and has worn glasses since childhood. A physical difficulty in seeing has pushed her into looking deeply. Both her arts require visual concentration.

Previous art endeavors have been portrait painting and a spiritually based body of work created during the time of the rediscovery of her Christian faith. She occasionally works in photography and cyanotype and other mediums that vary with the requirements of the project at hand.

Holcombe has earned a BFA degree at Tyler School of Art, Temple University studying with influential professors such as Margo Margolis and Stanley Whitney. Admiration for graphic novel illustrators such as Frank Miller and medical illustrators such as Frank Netter have influenced the more exacting side of her painting and the idea of how a picture can tell a story.

Born in Hopewell, NJ, Holcombe was eager to exchange the bucolic lifestyle for an urban one living in Philadelphia, New York City, and staying on in Rome, Italy after studying art there with the Temple University program. Today she lives in Yonkers with her family and eclectic menagerie of rescued pets.

Holcombe has exhibited in solo and group shows where she has received awards. Her work has been published in magazines. Numerous paintings and commissions are in private collections.

Juror notes and comments:

"Classically driven with a contemporary perspective."

Penny Peace, Art Genesis

"Your work exhibits a remarkable technical ability. Also, the sense of light and space resonates with the refreshing choice of color, creating a dramatic effect. The use of certain subject matter is intriguing, leading the viewer to uncertain conclusions regarding how the scene has appeared before us. You're doing amazing work and we can't wait to see what you produce in the future."

Shawn James, Gallery Director, The Greenpoint Gallery

"Broken Glass With Knife" and "Cognac With Pills" - "I feel that both works are good paintings. I eventually picked both for their richness in color and biomorphic forms. The artist is successful in capturing the light and how it creates unique shapes and compositions." Denise Bibro, Denise Bibro Gallery, NYC for Mills Pond Gallery, St. James, NY

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